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PAC based, Web powered.

feature 1nGauge MY20: the ultimate solution for online no contact gauging for metals

The nGauge is the latest system in the PAC based family. It was specifically designed from an industry request to create an affordable, cost effective, high speed and reliable non contact gauge system, based on off-the-shelf industrial PAC technology. From the first installation the nGauge has exceeded Customer's expectation. The core of the system is a PAC, a Programmable Automation Controller which is a 2 (or more) processors based device like a computer is, and it is basically a PC merged with a PLC, using multitasking capabilities to automate control of one or more pieces of equipment. The modular solution of the PAC system is the best compromise between our PC based and PLC based legacy models, merging the reliability of the PLC part with the intuitiveness of the PC. nGauge is web based, easy to use and maintain and full of features. It represents the most advanced and accurate system available on market, having inherited the merits from its predecessors and having eliminated the known defects.

The system maximize the use of top quality and highly available components including a versatile and flexible modular IO management system and a robust all in one computer (Real Time based kernel) and a modular IO rack. The software was specifically designed by LGE engineers to take advantage of high speed processor available in today's industry. The resultant is a modern and reliable modular system, extremely fast, well beyond the requirements of the most closed-loop mill control systems. This gauge is suitable for measuring the thickness of metals (ferrous and non ferrous), as well as plastics and ceramics. Easy to use, easy to maintain was the formula at the base of nGauge design. Ideal as input for AGC systems.

mill gauge small

Multiple and combo solutions

In-line and non-contact thickness control is a key element for the quality of the final product. Systems based on the measurement of density by absorption still represent the only possible solution for complex lines and critical environments. Alternative laser or surface current systems can be an economic alternative only on clean rework lines, on non-reflective surfaces or in very special cases where there are no criticalities. The same non-contact technology offered lends itself to detecting not only the thickness, but the continuity and density of an artifact. It is therefore able to compare densities and thicknesses even without quantifying them. In some conditions, a laser measurement by triangulation can be very useful to provide, at a steady line, a data with an accuracy, albeit not micrometric, an absolute preset value of the X-ray system. The latter is just an example of how we combine different technologies into integrated systems to perform advanced functions. The ultimate goal is not only to provide a datum of the thickness measurement in a given point or surface, but to use numbers to optimize the process.

Predictive trends for line operators: display the coil trend from the previous line during the next process

post 4 702x399To receive information on thickness out of tolerance before the non conformity appears is a great goal for the quality of the final product. Predictive trend software is capable to cross reference the trend acquired during the actual process (for example a tandem mill process) and make it available in the successive process line (for example a recoiling line). Predictive software allows operators to slow down the process speed just before the non conformity will appears on the current process screen.

Mobile multiple data viewer: up to 4 systems, in your pocket.

Tablet nGaugeAPPIf you are a quality manager or a field maintenance engineer, probably you'll be interested in having real time information about your systems and your production. With the nGauge system, you can have all those information on the spot, with the new Multiple Viewer App for tablet and smartphones running latest Android OS. Simply launch the application and up to a maximum of 4 interfaces will appear on the screen at the same time. In addition to displaying the operator interfaces, by entering the administrator passwords, it will be possible to interact with the systems exactly as from the main interface.

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